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My philosophy has always been centered on quality. With years of experience and the use of both analog and digital technology, I can guarantee satisfaction on every project I undertake. My desire is to enable musicians and artists of every background to achieve their musical goals while staying within their budgets.  


Over the years, the recording process has been a constant evolution. New technology has made it easier for musicians to record music from their own home. But nothing can replace the expertise of an experienced engineer in the recording process.


The engineer is crucial. From making acoustical decisions in the recording space to deciding which microphone to use and where to place it to capture the ideal tone, technology can never replace experience.

My strategy for every recording is to first understand how the artist envisions their record and from there make technical decisions to make their vision become a reality.




A mix engineer needs to incorporate the same attention to detail as an artist would put into a painting. While the overall picture must be clear, it is the depth and detail that make a great mix.


The proper use of compression, equalization, and other effects can take even amateur recordings and elevate them to professional standards.


My techniques for mixing starts from first knowing how the artist's music is supposed to sound. Certain genres require tight bass and punchy drums to drive the record, while others require a more natural organic sound. From this understanding, every track can be adjusted individually and shaped into the desired record.

Mastering is the final step a song goes through before it becomes a record. Most musicians who have done home recordings will share the complaint that their records do not sound as "loud" as songs on the radio.


While in mastering the overall volume level is raised higher, it is only a fraction of the work. The mastering process usually involves taking a series of mixes that make up an album or project and critically listening to be sure that every song sounds like it naturally belongs on the album.


The end result of a quality master is an album that can be played from start to finish without the listener having to adjust the volume or eq controls on their speakers.

Live Sound


I also provide sound services for concerts. When sound is live, having good equipment and an experienced engineer can make all the difference. 

My services vary depending on the specific event. Generally speakers, microphones, and all the accessories required are provided as part of the live sound service. Also included is an on site engineer who ensures that everything sound related goes smoothly throughout the event. 



While most musicians are capable of creating music, not all can capture that music in the form of a record.  The Production service I provide can enable the musician or artist to take their sonic vision and bring it to life.

The producers role can vary. Whether it is helping with performance notes, finding the appropriate session musicians or giving song structure advice... the producer's role is to help the artist's musical vision become a reality.

Private Lessons


In todays technological world, artists and musicians can own their own recording equipment and record the majority of their music in their own home. While the technology is there, things can get frustrating for a musician to have to learn on their own. Frustration and music never work well together.

The private lessons I offer are always customised to each individual student. This insures the student only covers information relevant to achieving his or her goals. 

Some of the lessons offered:

Avid Pro-Tools, Waves Plugins, Universal Audio Plugins, Analog Hardware, The Art of Recording, The Art of Mixing, Microphones, Live Sound...

Interested in hiring me for your project? Let's Talk.​

When our band finished recording our first EP, we walked out of Tree Sound Studios talking about how lucky we were to have Jonathan as our recording engineer. None of us had any real studio experience, and his expertise was absolutely crucial. Not only did he make the experience fun, but he worked meticulously to make our music sound better than we ever thought it could. He was respectful of our artistic vision, and at the same time helped us record our songs in the most dynamic way possible. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get the most out of their music. - Andrew Makepeace (Three Make Peace)

Jon is a true master of sound and music! I trust him with my tracks 1000%. If you want to take your music to the next level look no more. Jon can do it all! - Ilan Bar-Lavi

It was an absolute pleasure working with Jonathan - everything about the entire process was professional, efficient and all round great experience. I also happen to use his live sound services on a regular basis and can't recommend him enough. Reliable, fairly priced and most importantly, great ears! - Mendy Portnoy (Portnoy)

I'm a radio and podcast producer and have used Jonathan's studio on two different occasions - once to record a tape sync for The Guardian and another to record final narration for the podcast I work for. Jonathan is great to work with, easy to communicate and his rates are very reasonable. The studio itself is well set up with professional equipment, comfortable and in a central location. Highly recommended! - Joel Shupack

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